A bud wichers documentary on young kurds and their battle against al qaeda and the islamic state

Wed, 05 Oct First, a brief recap of events leading up developments in the last couple of days. The September 9th ceasefire failed because the U. On top of this, the U.

A bud wichers documentary on young kurds and their battle against al qaeda and the islamic state

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A bud wichers documentary on young kurds and their battle against al qaeda and the islamic state

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American cheers on Kurds before, during, and after they stop a VBIED : CombatFootage

This includes accusatory and inflammatory wording on comment like: Light and friendly sarcasm is allowed. Excessive or mean-spirited sarcasm or snarkiness is not. Simple cheerposting, be it positive or negative, is not allowed.The current role Syrian Kurds have had in stopping the Islamic State have brought the Kurdish question in Syria back to center stage.

The military success the Kurds have experienced against the Islamic State has led to the creation of a semi-autonomous Kurdish region in Syria. The Time Line of history shows the US and their current allies in Syria Today, financed Saddam when he was a useful tool, to start and fight the brutal 8 year war against Iran in to nip the Iranian Revolution in the bud.

Tagline: Fight young, die young TEENAGE DREAMS SHOT TO PIECES is an ambitious and daring minute, unscripted documentary film - targeted to worldwide audiences - that takes a fresh and unprecedented look at the war against the Islamic State, with a slew of extraordinary personal stories from selfless soldiers and one courageous, caring journalist.

"Media Edge" is a is a video magazine series presented on several cable access channels in the United States. "Media Edge" has offered two hours of in-depth, thought-provoking, progressive viewpoints every week since April Unsurprisingly, the talks have been inconclusive.

Even if the Syrian government reached an agreement with Turkey to work against the Kurds, Syrian forces are already stretched thin as they try to hold territory and regain key cities such as Aleppo while keeping the Islamic State at bay.

Jun 04,  · The Kurds are one of the world's largest peoples without a state, making up sizable minorities in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Their history is marked by marginalization and persecution.

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