Audrey cottet phd thesis

The basic building block of a quantum computer would be a quantum bit, i. The purpose of my thesis was to develop a quantum bit based on the Cooper pair box. The Cooper pair box is a superconducting electrode with a submicron size, affected by Coulomb blockade effects, and connected to an outside superconducting circuit through Josephson junctions.

Audrey cottet phd thesis

He is widely recognised as one of the most influential figures in Caribbean thought and cultural commentary. In JanuaryGlissant was asked by Jacques Chirac to take on the presidency of a new cultural centre devoted to the history of slave trade.

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While his first novel portrays the political climate in s Martinique, through the story of a group of young revolutionaries, his subsequent work focuses on questions of language, identity, space, history, and knowledge and knowledge production.

For example, in his text Poetics of Relation, Glissant explores the concept of opacity, which is the lack of transparency, the untransability, the unknowability.

And for this reason, opacity has the radical potentiality for social movements to challenge and subvert systems of domination. Glissant demands for the "right to opacity," indicating the oppressed—which have historically been constructed as the Other—can and should be allowed to be opaque, to not be completely understood, and to simply exist as different.

However, Glissant rejects this transparency and defends opacity and difference because other modes of understanding do exist. That is, Gliisant calls for understanding and accepting difference without measuring that difference to an "ideal scale" and comparing and making judgments, "without creating a hierarchy"—as Western thought has done.

This image conveys emptiness sparked by unknown identity as it feels deep and endless. This image parallels the Biblical story of Jonah and the Whale, realizing the gravity of biblical references as the Bible was used as justification for slavery.

More literally, Glissant related the boat to a whale as it "devoured your existence".


As each word a poet chooses is specifically chosen to aid in furthering the meaning of the poem, the word "Falling" implies an unintentional and undesirable action. This lends to the experience of the slaves on the ship as they were confined to an overcrowded, filthy, and diseased existence among other slaves, all there against their will.

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All of Glissant's primary images in this poem elicit the feeling of endlessness, misfortune, and ambiguity, which were arguably the future existence of the slaves on ships to "unknown land". Slave ships did not prioritize the preservation of cultural or individual history or roots, but rather only documented the exchange rates for the individuals on the ship, rendering slaves mere possessions and their histories part of the abyss.

This poem also highlights an arguable communal feeling through shared relationship to the abyss of personal identity. As the boat is the vessel that permits the transport of known to unknown, all share the loss of sense of self with one another. The poem also depicts the worthlessness of slaves as they were expelled from their "womb" when they no longer required 'protection' or transport from within it.

Audrey cottet phd thesis

Upon losing exchange value, slaves were expelled overboard, into the abyss of the sea, into another unknown, far from their origins or known land. This "relation" that Glissant discusses through his critical work conveys a "shared knowledge".

Referring back to the purpose of slaves--means of monetary and property exchange--Glissant asserts that the primary exchange value is in the ability to transport knowledge from one space or person to another--to establish a connection between what is known and unknown[6][7].

He is notable for his attempt to trace parallels between the history and culture of the Creole Caribbean and those of Latin America and the plantation culture of the American south, most obviously in his study of William Faulkner.

Generally speaking, his thinking seeks to interrogate notions of centre, origin and linearity, embodied in his distinction between atavistic and composite cultures, which has influenced subsequent Martinican writers' trumpeting of hybridity as the bedrock of Caribbean identity and their "creolised" approach to textuality.

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PhD thesis,. Almutlaq, Nasser and Al-Galiby, Qusiy and Bailey, I and Ritchie, D. A. and Smith, C G and Cottet, A and Briggs, G A D and Laird, E A () Sensitive Radio-Frequency Measurements of a Quantum Dot by Tuning to Perfect Impedance Matching.

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Audrey cottet phd thesis

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