Capital structure analysis apple inc

Thus, ecological health is essential to the sustainability of the economy. Creating the Next Industrial Revolution [7] the author claims that the global economy is within a larger economy of natural resources and ecosystem services that sustain us. In order to continue to reap the benefits of our natural environment, we need to recognize the importance of natural capital within the economy.

Capital structure analysis apple inc

Bray 2 Dairy production throughout the United States has changed tremendously over the past twenty years. The trend in every major dairy region has been toward larger and more technologically sophisticated dairy farms. In fact, most growth in the Florida dairy industry during the past five years has occurred due to the establishment of new herds in excess of 1, cows.

The trend of increased herd size is expected to continue in the future. The Florida dairy industry has also been a leader in technological change.


Major improvements and innovations have taken place in dairy cattle housing; environmental modification to reduce heat stress; milking parlors; feeding systems; and waste management systems.

Many of these technological advances have also encouraged the trend of larger herd sizes since they are often most profitable when applied on a large scale.

Both factors, increased herd size and increased technological sophistication, have resulted in dairy production becoming an even more capital-intensive agribusiness. The capital-intensive nature of dairy production, coupled with its often low operating margins, makes it essential to formulate a realistic capital budget.

Such a Capital structure analysis apple inc is a systematic evaluation of the dairy investment's capital expenditures and operating cash flows. The difficulty of the capital budgeting task can be managed by following three basic steps.


This publication will present an example capital budget built on a computer spreadsheet program, with a subsequent analysis of its feasibility for a new 1, cow dairy operation in north Florida.

The hypothetical dairy in this publication purchases all replacements.

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Its crop land and farming operation are designed to meet current waste disposal regulations. Before starting the capital budgeting process, it is important for the potential dairy investor to consider long range goals.

A realistic evaluation of the project will be determined not only by the data generated from the budgeting process, but also by the attitude of the potential investor. The potential dairy investor should answer these questions: Am I entering the dairy business to purely maximize the return from my investment?

Or, is my search for profits tempered by a desire for a lower, more stable level of "satisfactory profits" that will, hopefully, result in a better prospect of long term survival for the business?

Honest answers to such questions will affect decisions throughout the entire capital budgeting process. Preparing the Capital Budget The first step in the capital budgeting process involves defining, categorizing, and estimating the cost of capital expenditures.

In our example capital budget we consider four main categories of capital expenditures: A complete breakdown of these categories and an estimation of their costs for a 1, cow free-stall dairy with a double herringbone milking parlor are given in Exhibit 1.

Estimating capital expenditures Capital expenditures, or investment costs, include all costs to bring the project into operation. They include the four main expense categories plus consulting fees, legal fees, permit fees, etc.

In order to formulate an accurate estimate of capital expenditures, the potential dairy producer must work together with other industry professionals to form a design team.

The dairy producer and the design team must view the capital budget as an evolutionary process that passes through several stages before it is finalized.

Four distinct phases may be identified for most cost category estimates: Per animal unit cost estimate. This estimate usually is the first part of the budget process. In some cases, the accuracy of this estimate can be improved if it is based on actual cost data of an actual recent project.

For example, in Exhibit 1, section III. G, the cost estimate for the free-stall housing is stated on a per animal unit basis; however, this data is accurate since it is based on actual barns recently built in Florida and the Southeast. Preliminary design cost estimate. This estimate applies to the construction portion of capital expenditures and is based on such things as number of square feet SFcubic yards CYlinear feet LF of materials.

This phase of the budget forces the design team to consider production strategy e. Working with construction contractors who have previous dairy construction experience may improve the accuracy of these estimates.

Complete systems cost estimate. In dairy construction, these estimates are usually provided by specialized equipment dealers which supply and install many of the sub-systems outside the realm of expertise provided by the general contractor.

Items included would be milking equipment, milk refrigeration systems, manure pumps, irrigation equipment, etc.#1 in U.S. Rates Strategy and #1 in Technical Analysis Only Canadian firm to earn a spot in the leader's table TORONTO and NEW YORK, July 19, /CNW/ - BMO Capital Markets' Fixed-Income.

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Capital structure analysis apple inc

Working capital, also known as net working capital is a measure of a company's liquidity.

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