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The phenotypes associated with maternal and paternal effect mutations disrupting meiosis, fertilization, or early embryogenesis are described in the text. The other mutations are placed according to the stage at which defects are first observed. Several mutations also induce defects at later stages of embryogenesis. Szabad, ; Leiberfarb et al.

Charles noden anthesis

Eco-SSLs are derived separately for four groups of ecological receptors: As such, these values are presumed to provide adequate protection of terrestrial ecosystems. Eco-SSLs are derived to be protective of the conservative end of the exposure and effects species distribution, and are intended to be applied at the screening stage of an ecological risk assessment.

These screening levels should be used to identify the contaminants of potential concern COPCs that require further evaluation in the site-specific baseline ecological risk assessment that is completed according to specific guidance U. EPA, and The derivation procedures represent the collaborative effort of a multi-stakeholder group consisting of federal, state, consulting, industry, and academic participants led by what is now the U.

This document provides the Eco-SSL values for zinc and the documentation for their derivation. This document provides guidance and is designed to communicate national policy on identifying zinc concentrations in soil that may present an unacceptable ecological risk to terrestrial receptors.

The document does not, however, substitute for EPA's statutes or regulations, nor is it a regulation itself.


Thus, it does not impose legally-binding requirements on EPA, states, or the regulated community, and may not apply to a particular situation based upon the circumstances of the site. EPA may change this guidance in the future, as appropriate.

EPA and state personnel may use and accept other technically sound approaches, either on their own initiative, or at the suggestion of potentially responsible parties, or other interested parties. Therefore, interested parties are free to raise questions and objections about the substance of this document and the appropriateness of the application of this document to a particular situation.

EPA welcomes public comments on this document at any time and may consider such comments in future revisions of this document. The principal ores of zinc are sphalerite, smithsonite, calamine, and franklinite O'Neill, ; Lide, Zinc is released to the environment from both natural and anthropogenic sources, the latter being the most important.

Zinc has many commercial uses as coatings to prevent corrosion for electrical apparatus such as dry cell batteries, and mixed with other metals to make alloys like brass, and bronze O'Neill, Zinc compounds such as zinc chloride, zinc oxide and zinc sulfate are used in herbicides, fungicides and bacteriostats.

Zinc may also be released to the environment from its use in rubbers, paints, and cosmetics ATSDR, ; Goodwin, ; ANL, and as the result of metal smelting, mining, electroplating, coal and oil combustion, and waste incineration ATSDR, ; Ursinyova, Urban runoff from building siding and roofs, automobile brakes, tires, and oil leakage is another important source of zinc in the environment Davis, HSDB.

The total amount of zinc in soils is distributed as one of three forms: Background concentrations reported for many metals in U. Typical background concentrations of zinc in U. Only those fractions of zinc in soil which are soluble or may be solubilized are bioavailable.

Compared to total zinc content of soils, concentrations of zinc in soil solution are low. The solubility of zinc increases at decreasing pH Alloway, The bioavailability of zinc in soils is also influenced by total zinc content, pH, Eco-SSLfor Zinc June organic matter, microbial activity, moisture, and interactions with other macro and micronutrients Kiekens, ; HSDB.

Zinc is an essential trace element for higher plants and animals. Zinc is involved in carbohydrate and protein metablolism and is required for the synthesis of indoleacetic acid.

In plants, zinc deficiency is commonly indicated by stunted growth, interveinal chlorosis, and leaf symptomatology such as small leaves, malformations, and dieback while zinc excess commonly produces iron chlorosis Chapman,Kiekens, Absorption of zinc occurs from all segments of the intestine, although the largest proportion of zinc absorption occurs from the duodenum ATSDR, Following absorption by the intestine, zinc is rapidly distributed to the liver, kidneys, prostate, muscles, bones, and pancreas.

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Zinc deficiency has been associated with dermatitis, anorexia, growth retardation, poor wound healing, hypogonadism with impaired reproductive capacity, and impaired immune function ATSDR, Nutritional requirements of zinc for common mammalian and avian test organisms are compiled in Attachment of the Eco-SSL guidance U.

Zinc excess in avian species is associated with decreased body weight, gizzard and pancreatic lesions, and biochemical changes WHO, May 14,  · This raises the issue that aspartame in food may interact with cations and excrete them from the body. This study aimed to study aspartame interaction with calcium, zinc, iron, sodium, and cadmium ions via molecular dynamics simulation (MD) and spectroscopy.

Following a ns molecular dynamics simulation, it became clear that the aspartame is. 5 Sex Determination in Plants Charles Ainsworth, John Parker, and Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston I. Introduction Breeding Systems Used in Flowering Plants Evolution and Developmental Biology of Plant Species with Unisexual Flowers IV.

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Charles noden anthesis

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