Codes and conventions of a documentary

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Codes and conventions of a documentary

Performative There are also three different conventions that may be seen in the different types of documentaries. They may also show the the setting up of camera's before the filming.

The codes and conventions of documentary film-making Essay Sample

Dramatisation- mainly creating a drama out of a real life situation so may include things like cliff hangers, voice overs, music, graphics CPI and this is all done through a re-enactment of the situation. Narrativisation-the narrative side if things is purely about creating a story based on facts.

This type of mode is soley looked at as the truth it's main aspect to to display a firm sense of truth with all the concerntions based upon it.

Sep 07,  · This video is about the Codes and Conventions of the documentary genre. Sep 29,  · See how CZUR Scanning Technology Speeds and Simplifies ALL Your Scanning Needs, and SO Much More! - Duration: CZUR 3, views. Codes and conventions of documentary What makes a documentary a documentary? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

This typ of mode often uses a narrative and shows the different conventions of voice overs, footage that was filmed as stage and talks directly to the audience. So this type of documentary only looks at the truth and displays facts. This type of mode may have the convention of realism ni it as it wants to diplay a truth about the topic and teh realsim looks simply at the facts and using actuality footage for almost a source of proof.

Expository mode documentaries are mainly seen through nature films.

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The example I have given is called 'March of The Peguins' which is a documentary about the yearly life of penguins, it shows them repoducing their babies and just getting through the year and doing the day to day things that they do. This expository documentary gives information about the peguins hat are all facts and very worthy facts through the use if a voice over.

It also explains what happens and clarifies the concept of Peguins having babies. They do this through an objective way which is mat through facts, so this type of doucmntary does not showcase any opinions towards penguins it's all based on facts, however although this documentary is based purely on facts it still uses conventions to make it engaging and reflects back to the commitmt of the topic.

It also looks at presenting some kind of news which may never of been known before. March of the penguins is a expository documentary as it uses certain conventions which are displayed underneath: By having Morgan Freeman as the narrator makes it seem more trust worthy than what it would be if you had a young person doing a voiceover.

The voice over also shows a sense of Morgan Freemon talking directly to the audience.

Codes and conventions of a documentary

There are many examples that implify that this documentary underneath shows some of the main ones I believe show that the documentary is staged.

These screen shots above show staged parts within the documentary because the camera is in the exact place where the shots looks best for example a mid shot of the penguins together then a close up shot of their feet then a low agle shot of th penguin diving onto the ice.

Some of the sots also look like they are computerised and edited because espically the first section you would not be able to get that many camera under water at that cold tempreature so thety had edited this backgrough together.

What does it contain? It is re-enacted stuff that actually happens. Dramatisation documentaries also show the use of graphics and CPI which is clearly seen through th shot of the penguins in the sea.

The screen shots shows how they may have used CPI to give the affct that it was filmed underneath the water. It also show show the camera angle is exactly where it should be which shows that the scene as been stage.

It also uses cliff hangers to make it more engaging to th audience for example when the egg is hatching it is a cliff hanger because the audience are waiting for the egg to hatch but it doesn't and the whole documentary is a cliff hanger because as viewers we want to see how teh family end.Codes & Conventions of Documentary Modes Of Documentary-Nicholls Their are five different types of modes that a documentary can outline and most documentaries tend to stick to one mode and use ot throughout their documentary.

The codes and conventions of documentary film-making Essay Sample. Documentary film-making has a history as long as that of fiction film-making and began in the late s.

Below is a list of conventions applied to Documentary film making – it must be remembered that not all conventions apply to all film texts: Hand held Camera - encoding realism and ‘truth’. How codes and conventions apply in media studies Codes and conventions are used together in any study of genre – it is not enough to discuss a technical code used such as camera work, without saying how it is conventionally used in a genre.

Codes and conventions of Documentary’s. In documentary’s many different formats are combined to create different desired effects. In this essay I will be looking more in-depth to explain why. Codes and Conventions of documentaries 1.

Codes and Conventions of documentary By Shara Bull 2. Definition A Documentary is a recording of an event, generally based on .

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