Comparing ambiguity to the scarlet letter

Roberson The Stowe Debate:

Comparing ambiguity to the scarlet letter

A Tale of Appendix A: Who were Lyford and Henry? And I am too little versed in the niceties of history to detect anachronisms or other errors. Have they moved from Dover Street? Please give my love to them.

Indeed, the author had inscribed a copy of the book, in Octoberto poet Hannah F. Ebenezer Wheelwright was the anonymous author of The Salem Belle. Born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, inEbenezer Wheelwright early on became a bookseller in Newburyport and a flour merchant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but he spent most of his professional life, forty years, as a West Indies merchant in Boston, with particular attention to Santo Domingo.


Perhaps his bankruptcy explains his then publishing anonymously. Has no real basis for cr[edit]. One obituary writer excused his financial failure thus: This ill-timed credulity neutralized his considerable business ability, and robbed him of the well-earned fruits of a life of toil.

Both offer a Christian piety—in fact, the latter, which includes as an alternate title Scenes in the Holy Land in the Days of Christ, concerns, in part, the life of Christ.

And its presence in The Salem Belle confirms that there was a counterpart to the vital tradition that lay beneath the American Renaissance. The Salem Belle is a short historical novel set primarily in Boston and Salem during and It is a work in which a young man, Trellison, who has been disappointed in love, mistakes his wish for vengeance for religious zeal.

The basic plot may be set forth briefly. Understandably, she accepts Strale and rebuffs Trellison. Hurt and bitter, Trellison seeks revenge.

The intensifying witchcraft frenzy in Salem presents him with an opportunity: As a result of the growing persecutions, fourteen women and five men were hanged on Gallows Hill, and one man was pressed to death.

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The Salem Belle represents an earlier use of the Salem witchcraft debacle, a work that also targets persecution. The story in The Salem Belle is told with a blend of narration, description, and dialogue—this last diminishing as the action increases.

Strale and Lyford are assisted by William Somers, a devotee of the revered William Goffe, who had passed judgment against King Charles I of England inhad fled England under King Charles II inand had then lived in Hadley, Massachusetts, where he had been—in this novel, at least—the grandfather of Mary and James.

The climax of the novel, set on Gallows Hill, is memorable and compelling. The burden of the novel thematically is a serious one: It is an explicitly Christian theme, perhaps closer to the thought of Mary Moody Emerson than to that of her nephew Waldo.

Wheelwright speaks for purity and simplicity, Providence and the Last Judgment and the hereafter. He is a Congregationalist, distinct from more liberal Christians, Unitarians.

And Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, and other transcendentalists represent a radical rethinking religiously, even more liberal than Unitarianism. And the value of traditional religion remains an important issue for twenty-first-century readers.

With well-chosen details and a mix of affection and outrage concerning early New England, Wheelwright simply and effectively presents a dark time. He deftly blends the historical and the imagined, at an increasing pace. And he aptly refers to other texts throughout.

The thoughtful and deliberate Willard, in his sermon, fittingly elaborates 1 John 4: The notes reveal additional biblical references.

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But the author refers to literary and historical works, as well. For a businessman who had never gone to college, Wheelwright seems to have been pretty well read. And his reading gracefully informs his novel.Comparing and contrasting One of the best methods to help us clarify our thoughts about a character, an event, a poem, a story—nearly anything—is to compare and contrast.

(To compare can mean to find similarities and differences. Moral ambiguity is emphatically significant in The Scarlet Letter because not only does it act as an attribute for characters, but is an extensive theme in The Scarlet Letter as well. Therefore, moral ambiguity is not only extant in Roger Chillingworth, but very much rather in all of The Scarlet Letter.

Mitchell Hochberg English 1/11/96 Light and Darkness Nathaniel Hawthorne"s The Scarlet Letter is one of the most analyzed and most discussed literary works in American literature and for good reason.

Sep 13,  · Scarlet Letter: Chapter 17 Summary & Literary Devices. September 13, In this example, Hawthorne is comparing Hester to that of an untamed forest.

He is implying that Hester cannot be controlled and that she will do as she pleases in order to get her point/idea across. She responds by glancing at the scarlet letter on her.

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Comparing ambiguity to the scarlet letter

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