Geology terminology

A[ edit ] Abyssal plain - Flat or very gently sloping areas of the deep ocean basin floor. Absolute dating - the process of determining a specific date in years or some other unit of time for an archaeological, geological or paleontological site or artifact.

Geology terminology

At monthly meetings and on many a field trip, these early mentors gave me a solid leg up on field geology that no book could impart. Special thanks go to the late Clyde Wahrhaftig for allowing me to assist in his Marin Headlands field work, for putting up with my ceaseless questions, and for helping me learn to make some sense of the aptly-named "trash-can geology" of coastal California.

At 80, Clyde could still out-hike me, and I was 30 something and in very good shape at the time. There were at least four tasty Front Range trips, but one before and one after the meeting were the best I could do.

I finally settled on two that brought somewhat conflicting interpretations to the northeast flank of the Front Range between Fort Collins and the Wyoming line. A wealth of observable structural and tectonic detail makes the northeast flank a natural focal point in ongoing debates surrounding the kinematics and dynamics of the Front Range and indeed of the Laramide orogen[] as a whole.

For the uninitiated, kinematics studies the way things move — direction, velocity, timing — without regard to driving forces; why they move the way they do is the purview of dynamics. In contrast, the range front basement north of Fort Collins is broken into a jostled array of large and small blocks that generally stair-step down to the east into a much shallower northern lobe of the Denver Basin.

Between Fort Collins and Boulder is a transition zone characterized by fewer blocks and a basin floor of intermediate depth.

Geology terminology

We visited many striking examples of Paleozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary strata draped in ductile fashion over variably uplifted basement blocks separated by brittle faulting.

The trip ended at a spectacular exposure of the southern edge of the large, east-dipping Blue Mountain block along the north side of Dry Hollow Creek, west of Berthoud. Faulting and Folding in Oblique Backlimb-Tightening Structures of the Northeastern Flank of the Front Range, Colorado" presented the case for regional east northeast-trending horizontal shortening as the main driving force for northeast flank structure, Front Range uplift and for Laramide deformation in general.

Although colleagues often portray Matthews and Erslev as respective spokesmen for the long-opposed "verticalist" and "horizontalist" camps of Laramide dynamics, I came away from the 2nd trip thinking that the Laramide may well be big enough for both of them.

Could their perceived disagreement turn out to be nothing more than an artifact of focus and scale?

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Six wise men long famous for their early elephant observations might find grounds for optimism here. Nelson and Eric A. Erslev, contains detailed field guides for the two trips I was most reluctant to pass up: Reed, and "Continental Accretion, Colorado Style: Charley Haddox and I have been working through them as weekend time and winter weather permit.

Among the many authors of USGS public domain publications whose knowledge and graphics went into this effort, explicit thanks go to W.

Geology and Earth Science Terms and Definitions

The Story of Plate Tectonics for all the excellent diagrams, maps and photos. This site would have been graphically barren without them. His capacity for questions is exceeded only by the quality of his answers. I have no doubt that his overarching view of the planet and its workings and his dogged focus on the observations as opposed to the stories told about them will guide the way forward in geodynamics.

John Barr My true friend and geology buddy John Barr wins the stamina award hands down for listening to me puzzle out overlook after outcrop on our many, many outings together—and especially for poking holes where required. Both sought me out within the same week!

Their perspectives on the history of Colorado geology remind me that with the excitement of any new finding or synthesis must come a healthy dose of caution and a look back to the quality of the original data.

They are more patient than I deserve, and Kathy always graciously accepts more than her fair share of the driving while I feverishly thumb through my briefcase full of geology references en route to the next attraction.

This site relies heavily on many of them. See also the more topical references at the end of each article on this site—particularly those cited in the groundwork articles Colorado Geology Overview and Earth At Work.

Geology terminology

A must for every glove box.THE GEOLOGY OF ST. KITTS. The island of St. Kitts (also St. Christopher), with an area of km2 and a population of 36,, comprises a chain of overlapping volcanic centers 28 km long and elongated NW-SE along the axis of the Active Arc of the Lesser Antilles.

Read the definitions below, then label the water cycle diagram. Accumulation - the process in which water pools in large bodies (like oceans, seas and lakes).

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Condensation - the process in which water vapor (a gas) in the air turns into liquid water. Condensing water forms clouds in the sky. Water. CTC students may select from Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science degrees and a variety of certificate programs.

Ruby and Sapphire: Gems of the Mineral Corundum

Rock: Rock, in geology, naturally occurring coherent aggregate of one or more minerals that constitutes the basic unit of which the solid Earth consists. organizing Petroleum Conferences in USA, Europe, Australia and other prominent locations across the globe. We organise Petroleum Meetings in the fields in combination to Petroleum like Oil and Gas.

Geological processes, weather and climate shape the planet on which we live and concentrate the resources on which we depend.

Colorado Geology Overview