How to write a media alert for an event

Planning ahead is essential if you want to see your event or story in print and on broadcast media platforms.

How to write a media alert for an event

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This publication is available at https: Introduction The vast majority of bomb threats are hoaxes designed to cause alarm and disruption. As well as the rare instances of valid bomb threats, terrorists may also make hoax bomb threat calls to intimidate the public, businesses and communities, to draw attention to their cause and to mislead police.

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While many bomb threats involve a person-to-person phone call, an increasing number are sent electronically using email or social media applications. No matter how ridiculous or implausible the threat may seem, all such communications are a crime and should be reported to the police by dialling It is important that potential recipients - either victims or third-parties used to pass the message - have plans that include how the information is recorded, acted upon and passed to police.

Precise motives for hoaxing are difficult to determine but may include revenge, extortion, a desire to impress, or a combination of these and other less understandable motives. The threat is likely to be made in person over the telephone; however, it may also be a recorded message, communicated in written form, delivered face-to-face or, increasingly, sent by email or social media e.

Twitter or Instagram, etc. A threat may be communicated via a third-party, i. Such staff should, therefore, understand the actions required of them as the potential first response to a threat message.

If you receive a telephone threat you should: Note the number of the sender and follow police advice know who to contact in your organisation upon receipt of the threat, e.

They will need to make an assessment of the threat If the threat is delivered face-to-face: This is a tactic used to place additional pressure on decision makers. Police will assess the threat at the earliest opportunity. When specific intelligence is known to police, advice will be issued accordingly; however, in the absence of detailed information, it will be necessary to consider a number of factors: If so, what has happened elsewhere or previously?

how to write a media alert for an event

If so, is a bomb visible at the location identified? Do not delay your decision making process waiting for the arrival of police. Police will assess the credibility of the threat at the earliest opportunity.

All bomb threats should be reported to the police and their subsequent advice followed accordingly. It is essential that appropriate plans exist, they should be event and location specific. Venue options to manage the risk include: It is important to appoint people, familiar with evacuation points and assembly rendezvous points, to act as marshals and assist with this procedure.

At least two assembly points should be identified in opposing directions, and at least metres from the suspicious item, incident or location. Where possible the assembly point should not be a car park. You may wish to seek specialist advice, which can help to identify suitable assembly points and alternative options as part of your planning.

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how to write a media alert for an event

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