Importance of rti act in modern democracy

She finds that no country in the analysis scores very highly on both of these dimensions, but that the variations between states match differences in the quality of their democracy. Modern societies could not be imagined without mass communication.

Importance of rti act in modern democracy

March 25, April 09, They have not sought legal remedy either by appealing against the CIC order declaring them to be Public Authorities. If lawmakers defy the law in this fashion, it sets a bad precedent. On March 16,the CIC passed another order which in effect said that it was helpless in the matter and would not impose penalty or enforce compliance of its order.

Earlier, it had issued summons on three occasions to the parties concerned to present their arguments, all of which were ignored. The new order says that penalty can only be imposed on the Public Information Officer PIO and since the political parties have not appointed them, no action can be taken.

The contention and reality For two years, these national parties have defied a law which they themselves passed. Nor have they sought legal remedy by appealing in court against the earlier CIC Order declaring them to be Public Authorities.

If such a situation is allowed to continue, it raises questions. For instance if a non-governmental organisation NGOcompany or individual defies the law, there are legal consequences.

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But if lawmakers and political parties defy the law, what are the consequences? Therefore, they should be more responsible and accountable if they break the law, not less. Before we go into the legal technicalities, we need to look at the spirit behind these issues.

They have a right to that opinion. However, there are some laws that citizens may feel are unjust. For instance, the cyber law [a section of which has since been struck down by the Supreme Court] that is usually used against any citizen who puts out material that someone powerful considers to be offensive.

Or the anti-sedition law. Can a citizen defy such a law and get away with it? He or she could be arrested immediately. The only remedy for him or her is to go to court.

So, are we about to create a situation where political parties can defy the law and get away with it, without even bothering to challenge the CIC order in court?

Democracy cannot thrive when lawmakers break the law. Public respect for political parties is already at an all-time low and such actions by them will only strengthen this further. Faith in law and order, and where the weak and the powerful are supposed to be treated equal is also very low.

This further undermines democracy.

Importance of rti act in modern democracy

Meanwhile, the new government has not yet appointed a CIC nearly a year after coming to power. This is an effective way of scuttling the RTI Act.

Importance of rti act in modern democracy

Remedies Coming to the specific issue, there are at least two opposing views. One says that the CIC is indeed helpless to enforce compliance of its order as there is a lacuna in the law.

Earlier Supreme Court judgments have said that when legal powers are given, it is implied that the power to enforce it is also given.

Else, the Act itself ends up becoming meaningless. The matter is very likely going to end up in court and with a judgment that will have far-reaching consequences.

There are a few possible remedies.Exemptions from disclosure of information under RTI: The Right to Information Act, has been probably the most discussed law of the recent times and also has given much more power to the people than any other law.

The people are ignorant about their powers in the democratic set up. Literacy is a pre-requisite for the efficient functioning of democracy. It makes people conscious of their rights and duties. Jul 31,  · Today's knowledge based world is now resonating with the call for meaningful democracy backed by transparency and accountability in the state engine and people’s right of access to information has gained a great importance.

In a modern democratic state, the right to information, more popularly described as the ‘right to know,’ is an indispensable prerequisite. . The Right to Information Act, is considered to be one of the leading welfare oriented laws enacted after independence.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach towards Good Governance. Right to Information Act: A Multi-Dimensional Approach towards Good Governance.

On November 13, November 13, Constitutional Importance . Importance of Right to Information Act With many a success story in cities, the Right to Information Act, is reaching the rural areas too with villages using its provisions to re Bihar launches call center under RTI Act.

What is the history of the RTI Act? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. Jyoti Mahala, In the US, the Right to Information Act of was amended in after the 'Watergate' scandal. It would thus be seen that the Right to Information is a global phenomenon. What is the importance of RTI act in our democracy?

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