Introduction of bancassurance

This course consists of three modules. Module Three Bancassurance as agent of change from bank and insurance perspective and the Bancassurance Business model. Module Four - Strategic alliances, Product development and effective remuneration and incentive scheme design Module Five — Benefit to all Stakeholders — bank, insurer, customer and government Module Six Critical success factor — legal framework, distribution channel, Brand IT etc Essential Reading:

Introduction of bancassurance

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During year under the submitted on the guidance to academic of Mr. I Coordinator 5 6. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to them for their indispensible support towards the completion of this project.


I would first of all like to thank our Principal Dr. Yamgar for her valuable support. Pallavi Barapatre, for giving me an opportunity to work on this project. I am grateful to my project guide Prof. Pallavi Barapatre, for having confidence in me to carry out this study and extending valuable guidance and encouragement from time to time, without which it would not have been possible to undertake and complete this project.

And last but not the least my parents and colleagues for their valuable comments and suggestions for making this learning experience for me. World over the idea of separation of roles between banks and other financial activities has become redundant. Even in the United States which was known for strict separation of banking and non- banking activities during the Glass-Steagall Act regime broke the dividing wall.

The post Gramm-Leach-Bliley GLB Act, scenario, it is stated to have indicated increased preference for banks conterminously dealing with other non-banking financial products, including the insurance products. In Asian countries e. The financial liberalization and financial innovations have drawn the worlds of banking and insurance closer together, de segmenting the financial industry and spurring competition Knight, Therefore, banks dealing in insurance products have increasingly become accepted norm rather than exception.

In India, ever since espousing of financial reforms following the recommendations of First Narasimham Committee, the contemporary financial landscape has been reshaped.

Banks, in particular, stride into several new areas and offer innovative products, viz. Thus, presentday banks have become far more diversified than ever before. The Reserve Bank of India being the regulatory authority of the banking system, recognizing the need for banks to diversify their 11 Furtherance to this line, it issued a set of detailed guidelines setting out various ways for a bank in India to enter into insurance sector Annex I sketches out the guidelines.

In the insurance sector, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority IRDAdespite its recent origin inavowed to regulate and develop the insurance sector in India through calibrated policy initiatives.Module One - Consists of the introduction, concept of bancassurance, bancassurance across the world, motivation and trend in financial services industry Module Two – Evolution/Historical development of Bancassurance, Guidelines on Bancassurance products, referral model of Banking and Supervision Department of CBN.

Introduction The business of banking around the globe is changing due to integration of global financial markets, development of new technologies, universalization of banking operations and diversification in non put, bancassurance is the process through which insurance products are sold to customers at their local banks.


In. Insurance agents in Kenya continue to bemoan the introduction of bancassurance, saying it is driving agents out of business and has triggered insurers to review commissions, plus they accuse the banks of not giving clients choices on which policy and where to buy.

* Bancassurance in India: Bancassurance in India is a very new concept, but if past gaining ground. In our country the banking & insurance sectors are regulated by two different entries. In our country the banking & insurance sectors are regulated by two different entries. DIN ASSIGNMENT CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION Background information Insurance is one of the constantly changing sectors.

Therefore what informs this paper is to take a critical analysis of bancassurance as an emerging trend in the sector.

BancAssurance Ghana Technical Team. the introduction of Broker Model for Individual Life and the Church Funeral Scheme and Country Project Manager on Bancassurance for Sanlam.

Introduction of bancassurance

As a critical contributor to the growth of the insurance industry, Fiifi is a founding Member of Life Offices Association of Ghana and was secretary of LOA for 7.

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