Jasper jones language features

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Jasper jones language features

Jasper Jones Essay Q: Analyse how the language used intensified the message of the written texts. Hiya Walkway Welcome to Studyit! Glad that you have found us - take time to look around the site especially here - Looking at your essay now. ET5 Comments attached below ET5 In his novel Jasper Jones, Craig Silvey uses a number of strong language techniques to intensify the message that speaking out for injustice is difficult, but it is our individual responsibility to do so, otherwise the well being of others will be compromised.

Both are part of a small town community of people, but are corrupt and unjust. Instead of using their place in the town to help and protect people as they are meant to, they abuse of their power to torment innocent minority groups. By using language techniques, Silvey demonstrates the importance of this message, as this sort of thing happens daily, even today.

One way in which Silvey expresses the idea of Jasper jones language features importance of speaking out and not remaining silent towards injustice is through the use of the theme of morality, contrasting his naivety and what he believes after finding out the truth about the police in Corrigan.

Charlie is only 13 years old, and has grown all his life in a bubble which stopped him from seeing the wrong in the small town of Corrigan before he starts getting close to Jasper Jones.

We go to the sarge and we tell him what happened and where she is, and they find out. He does not see the police for the unfair system of justice that is sometimes is, but as a safe place where he will be protected.

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Later in the novel, after having aided Jasper in hiding the body and lying to his family, he meets again with Jasper, and notices that he has been hurt.

Jasper had been gone for a Jasper jones language features of weeks, and, worried, Charlie asks him what happened. Jasper replies that he had been taken into custody, and that he had been interrogated about the murder by the Sarge.

Only then does Charlie realise the horrible beating and abuse that Jasper has to go through by the people Charlie used to look up to.

The very graphic description of what happened to Jasper Jones- the ugly pink pucker of the cigarette burns - only helps the reader picture what had happened, and what the sarge is actually capable of doing to a young 14 year old boy simply because his skin colour and the prejudice the town has against him makes him guilty.

The reason this is effective is because he now realises that injustice can take place in the world, and that the police is not a flawless system.

People in authority places will take advantage of innocent children, and will mercilessly beat them on no basis other than race and rumours: By creating these effects, Silvey challenges the reader to consider the injustice happening in the world today.

This novel is set in s Australia, but this sort of known-about-but-hushed-down injustice still happens today. This thus becomes important to the modern reader, as many can identify with either Charlie or Jasper.

For example, many cases of racial police brutality occur in the United States even today, but the police officer that abuses or kills an innocent person based on prejudice is rarely faced with any consequences.

Many of us, like Charlie, are aware of this, but because we are scared of the repercussions, or because we do not know what we can do to help, we do nothing. Silvey encourages the reader to think about speaking up about injustice, as it could save many lives and many lost childhoods.

Although Jeffrey moved to Corrigan to live a peaceful life away from the war, he is instead bullied and rejected, seen as an outcast by the townspeople. He tries his best to fit in, no matter how hard he is pushed back and how much he is made fun of, and goes about his days seemingly indifferent, but when Charlie notices how much he is harassed and bullied when he only means to play cricket and to be supported, he tries to act.

I wish he were standing right next to me. Then I could holler everything I want to holler.

Jasper jones language features

I could point and swear. I could single this coach out. The minor phrase at the end, though, ultimately reveals how much he is willing to fight for his friend: By doing this, Silvey challenges the reader to reflect on their past actions and see if they could have done anything differently, and what this could have led to.

Maybe Charlie standing up to Jeffrey could have prevented what happens further on in the novel. This is not spoken of again, although Charlie thinks, again, back to it once it is over. The imagery of this quiet clean street is quickly tainted by this oppression that both the Lu family and Jasper Jones have to live with.

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This symbol of purity and happiness, a clean quiet street at night, is not full of pure, happy people: We can clearly see a change in morality from Charlie at this point, as he now understands the severity of all these acts.

Beyond this, this example is also effective because the reader can relate to this list of unfair things that are happening: What is this allows Silvey to do is to connect into his belief that everyone is a part of this message, and it is one that everyone should think about and be concerned about.

In this example, the well being of others was definitely compromised, but also their mental health. The reader could relate to being either a stand-byer, the one that is being oppressed, or the one that is oppressing others.The Simpsons includes a large array of supporting characters: co-workers, teachers, family friends, extended relatives, townspeople, local celebrities, fictional characters within the show, and even animals.

The writers originally intended many of these characters as one-time jokes or for fulfilling needed functions in the town.A number of them have gained expanded roles and have subsequently.

Directed by Mick Jackson.

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Jasper jones language features

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