Journal of hospitality and tourism management essay

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Journal of hospitality and tourism management essay

The main purpose of the research is to evaluate or create exiting understanding, review and investigate existing situation or problems, find out the appropriate solutions to the problems as well explain new idea and generate scope of further research.

Research on the issues on tourism sector is to focus on problems of the specified sector and find out appropriate solution of research.

Tourism is now a global industry connecting hundred millions of people worldwide; which been recognised as a fastest rising sectors. These industries make it as a key column of economic development of any destination country. Runningthis upgrading is forecast to reinforce extra— by 4.

Royal Danish Embassy explain Bangladesh as a tourist destination of South Asian region, where the smallest number of tourist arrivals and most minuscule income earned from its travel and tourism sector. As well they identified tourism is one of the rapidly growing for Bangladesh, which can make significant contributions on its economy.

The international media most often focused on countries ongoing political instability, which made huge negative country image as a tourist destination. Instead of political valances Bangladesh has incredible prospects on its tourism sector.

Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Environment Management

Due to political incidents tourism industry is seriously hampered. Master plan on future tourism in Bangladesh are not maintaining strictly.

When the countries tourism got tourism friendly steady environment; the sector flourishes and at the same time increase arrivals. There are major problems on tourism in Bangladesh and huge opportunities to ensure continued tourism. In this research, I am going to examine how tourism of Bangladesh will thrive in spite of identified problems.

Importance of the Research Topic: Many countries in the world are dependents on tourism sector for earning of foreign currency. Where, every destination is trying to establish their country image to get more gain by rising tourism sector; Bangladesh is very slow to reach this goal.

In this research, we are going to examine the problems and significant prospects of tourism sector in Bangladesh. As a citizen of the said country; It is an opportunity for me to find out the key barriers of the development of tourism in Bangladesh.

It is very important for my country to identify the reasons for downturn of our tourism sector; where neighbor countries tourism growth is highly appreciable.

Aktherexplain that, Bangladesh is beautiful and wealthy by its own natural attractiveness. Unluckily, the country are not steady to provide tourist friendly atmosphere. Lack of effectual initiatives, appropriate management plan; where countries political volatility is the main key barriers.

Journal of hospitality and tourism management essay

Bangladesh has incredible prospects on its tourism sector to make a positive destination image in international tourism. But, at present scenario of tourism in Bangladesh is facing a lot of major problems; where political unrest is the vital issue to make its poor image in international tourism.

Lack of socio-political commitments the country still suffering after four decades of independences. Bangladesh has awesome tourism attractions to establish a branding country image in the international tourism industry; regrettably, countries political unrest badly affects its growth on tourism.

Unpleasant security and political disturbances within Bangladesh decrease both domestic and international tourists to explore the country.

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World tourists are feared to make their visit to a destination with political anxiety. Matter of regret that, even local tourist does not feel free to explore Bangladesh due to political uncertainty; where they found it much safe and secured to make an outbound trip to travel.

The prospects of tourism in Bangladesh are gravely troubled by a number of problems. In this study we are mostly focus on the key barriers of tourism sector in Bangladesh and examine which is the significant way to recover its beauty.International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management (IJHTM) is an applied, international hospitality and tourism management journal designed to help practitioners and researchers stay abreast of the latest developments in the field, as well as facilitate the exchange of ideas.

🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. The International Journal of Hospitality Management discusses major trends and developments in a variety of disciplines as they apply to the hospitality industry.

The range of topics covered by the journal includes.

Journal of hospitality and tourism management essay

We are proudly making peer reviewed research research available online to a global community of practice. AJHTL The journal incorporates all types of empirical and conceptual research in issue relevant to Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure Management and general Management. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research which in turn leads to hotel companies' involvement in environmental management.

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