Media communication for policy change essay

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Media communication for policy change essay

With the opening of satellite communication, mass communication has become inseparable part of the human life. The history of mass communication is comparatively recent, but it has become indispensable in today's society, which has become dependent on mass communication.

At personal level, mass communication is woven into our day-to-day existence.


Individuals use mass media to satisfy their need for entertainment or enlightenment. They become more aware of the country's problems and issues as well as help people develop understanding of the social problems. They also contribute to increased understanding of culture, politics, economy and so on.

In developed nations, where literacy and industrialization is high, is likely to depend more on mass communication channels for people's knowledge, entertainment and decision making. As people of the country modernize and become more literate, individualistic and cosmopolitan, the use of mass communication channels becomes more and more important as there are many areas of common concern and interest to people about which people want to know.

Today's society has become far more complex to function only through interpersonal or group communication. There are many important messages of common concern which have to reach effectively to masses at a time. In a country like India, it is not possible to train a mass of Indian population in basic life skills simultaneously and uniformly through formal education.

It is not possible with our meager existing resources and facilities. This requires resorting to effective system of mass communication. In India a large majority of the population is illiterate and hence beyond the reach of the printed media.

Moreover, more than 65 per cent of Indian population is living in villages, bound by traditions, deep rooted attitudes and superstition. This is a challenge for any educator. It is only through persuasive influence of mass communication, the illiterate and backward population in India can be directed towards any social change required for development.

Thus, mass communication has important role to play in enlightening the masses to raise the standards of their living and improve quality life. Communication with rural people is difficult and challenging, as many of them live in inaccessible and isolated villages.

In this situation mass communication is the only alternative for reaching them breaking all the barriers of physical distances and illiteracy. Mass communication becomes very important while communicating ideas intended to change behaviour of people right from developing awareness to adoption of an innovation.

When people are exposed to an increasing flow of information, they find themselves in a position which necessitates a change in their aspiration, attitude and effort. Frequent exposure to mass media can create the urge for a higher standard of living. There is adequate research evidence throwing light upon the potentialities of individual medium of mass communication as well as a total effect of mass media exposure in changing cognitive and affective behaviour of rural people.

Radio and Television have invaded almost every corner of the country. People sit glued to watch television. Research has also proved the effectiveness of these media in educating people.

Hence mass communication is one of the important inputs for the development of the nation. Radio, television, newspaper, movies are used widely as means of mass communication for information and entertainment.Nov 12,  · To write a communications strategy, write down the long-term and short-term goals of the company, and define a few relevant objectives that will help the company meet those goals.

In the strategy, identify the audience of your communication, such 95%(83). It is a true communication phenomenon and one that allows many forms and styles of communication".

(Kaye and Medoff, p.9). The internet changes the way we receive and provide information, we turn to the web for, information, news and entertainment, it is now common for television to be on the web as it enhances ones way of viewing television rather than just using a computer.

By bringing the acts of public officials to light, educating the public about the issues, and deliberately favoring certain candidates and policies, the media can influence policy directly or, by shaping public opinion, indirectly.

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Second, the media reports facts and conducts independent analysis concerning public policy issues, thereby educating the public. Feb 12,  · Compared to social media, more traditional forms of political communication seem to lack appeal, especially among young people.

According to this study, social media is used increasingly to get people involved in political activities and keep them engaged.

The remainder of communication research paper topics list focuses on communication as a profession and the various professional courses of study in the communication discipline: journalism, public relations, advertising, and media management.

Short essay on the Importance of Mass Communication

Social media is a rising trends in the world today. Communication skills are exemplified by use of social media networking. Social media networking allows for a communication outlet.

Media communication for policy change essay

Social media is being utilized by students, parents, businesses, and religious organizations. It is being used in many forms by many different platforms for many reasons.

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