Modern day music

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Modern day music

Yet how many Japanese artists have had a No.

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Yes, one - and that was way back in Sukiyaki by Sakamoto Kyu. So what's the problem with Japan? Several things - record companies are happy with the huge domestic sales racked up by the bands under their control literally ; the language barrier is a problem, with few Japanese feeling comfortable speaking or singing in English; and the fact that there is no market for the vast majority of Japanese pop music outside of Asia other Asian countries have a strange admiration for all things Japanese, including the music.

There have been a few bright spots over the years but they're few and far between. In the 90'sother bands, like Shonen Knife, Pizzicato Five, Cibo Matto and Buffalo Daughter have a cult following abroad but little commercial success. The rockabilly sounds of the late 50's became popular in the cities of Japan just after they revolutionised the US music scene.

Young guys and gals flocked to see the stars of the day do their best impersonations of Elvis and Gene Vincent at the Western Festival in Tokyo in Februaury In the 60's, it was the Beatles and the Rolling Stones who inspired the imitation of local groups.

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Ereki electric guitar music was the Modern day music sound of what became known as the Group Sounds phenomenon. The best known local bands of the decade include the Tigers and the Spiders.

The Tigers were the first band to play the Budokan, then the biggest indoor arena in the country. Record industry overkill finished off the Group Sounds era and the seventies saw the arrival of New Rock and the Idols.

Chage and Aska Pizzicato Five Aidoru idol was the word used to describe cute, girl-next-door singers who were designed, controlled and marketed just like any other product.

In fact, for the talent agencies, having these starlets chosen to be the face of a candy bar or instant noodles in a TV commercial was as much part of the plan as selling records.

Pink Lady had nine No. Band member Sakamoto Ryuichi went on to become the best known Japanese musician in the world but with little commercial success outside of movie soundtracks.

The 's and beyond Although the heyday of the idols was in the 80's, the musical artists of the Johnny's Jimusho talent agency such as SMAPV6 and Kinki Kids have ruled the airwaves for the best part of the decade.

Having their own TV shows keeps them in the public eye even when they're between singles or tours.

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Together with artists 'created' by producer Komuro Tetsuyathey have ensured that bland pop music by youngsters who can't sing or play has been the hallmark of the genre known as J-pop.

The mid's saw Komuro make it as an artist with the groups TM Network and globe. He then moved up a gear to exploit aspiring singers and fans alike to become one of the richest men in Japan.

Modern day music

In his breakthrough year,Komuro's music made some 27 billion yen and the following year he had 5 of the top ten singles. Another former musician turned producer is Tsunku. He 'temporarily' retired from his position as frontman for the group Sharan-Q to become an 'idol-maker'.

Few expected the huge success he pulled off with Morning Musume. This ever-evolving girl group literally took the J-Pop scene by storm following their TV creation in The 'Tsunku family' has continued to grow into a financial and promotional monster, with the Musumes and gaggles of other young starlets in what is called the Hello!

Project constantly changing places, forming new offshoot groups and advertising everything under the sun. The sheer money-making capacity of this operation ensures that it will be with us for some time to come.

Modern day music

Hamasaki Ayumi was something of a new breed in the late s - a young female singer with drive and ambition This reputed ego-centric diva caught the fancy of the all-important high-school girl market, and became their unofficial fashion leader.

This coupled with the income from her royalties - she writes her own material - helped her establish her position of power in the industry. In recent years, that position has been largely usurped by Koda Kumi, ironically also on Ayu's Avex label.

She made good use of her sexy image and bubbly Kansai personality and rose from being a club singer to the country's biggest selling artist in and Because she was so popular Koda inspired many fans to seek singing lessons from institutions such as TakeLessons.

V6 Glay Utada Hikaru Lest you think that Japanese popular music is all commercialism and void of any artistic merit, I should mention that there are some the more talented artists who have made the big time. The 4-man group from Hokkaido play fairly standard J-Rock but they've built their succes through hard work and a solid 'rock n roll' image.

The late 90's also saw some more western-style artists, such as Dragon Ash and Utada Hikaru explode onto the scene.Jan 11,  · Subject: Modern Day Piano Players I am a big fan of boogie woogie blues piano players like Sunnyland Slim, Memphis Slim Albert Ammons, Pinetop Perkins and .

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It is well known that musicians make a distinction between those musical instruments. Japan Zone» Modern Japan» Popular Music Japanese Pop Music. Think about it - Sony Music Young guys and gals flocked to see the stars of the day do their best impersonations of Elvis and Gene Vincent at the Western Festival in Tokyo in Februaury In the 60's, it was the Beatles and the Rolling Stones who inspired the imitation of.

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