My culture is my own

They train to excel as orators, lyricists and musicians. The griot keeps records of all the births, deaths, marriages through the generations of the village or family.

My culture is my own

Posted on February 7, 6 Comments This post has been back-dated: My culture background and the groups that I am part of can be divided in to four categories: My family put a high value on education and most members would be considered highly educated.

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My dad and his brother, along with other members of my extended family, have completed graduate school, and two of three of my siblings who are college age have gone to college and the younger ones intend to. My siblings and I have a tendency to strive for excellence and typically make good grades.

Part of the education emphasis in our family has been a commitment to home schooling. Home schooling has allowed us to learn at our own pace which has typically been a much faster pace than is pursued at most public and private schools.

This has allowed me to avoid being part of one group that seems to be one of the most destructive groups in America — institutional education. Being home schooled allowed me to quickly complete the required core curriculum and pursue the study of many areas of knowledge that fascinated me.

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Two such areas are history and heraldry. These were an important part of my teenage years. I have spent a significant amount of time reading about these two subjects and discussing them with people who have common interests.

Many authors have had an impact on my life and culture either directly or through my parents. I have read several books by C. These authors, especially C. Lewis, have had a great influence on me. Another major influence in my life has been the two colleges I have attended.

I felt quite comfortable at Bob Jones University. Its high academic standards and strict conservatism were quite familiar, but God had different plans. So, I became part of a student body that expects class to get out early, prefers to think as little as possible and thinks that the only purpose for rules is so they will have something to break.

The teachers, on the other hand, have been great. Almost all glow with love for Christ. Over all I am glad for the opportunity to go to a school with a biblical viewpoint similar to my own. The second major category of groups that are a part of my culture is religious and political groups.

The most important of these groups and the most directly influential is my family. My father was saved after my parents were married, and my mother rededicated her life somewhere around that time. Their youth in Christ and experience with seeing how awful sin can be, caused them to be zealously conservative, but it was a conservatism of the heart, not just form and tradition which is unfortunately associated more with second generation Christians like myself.

They did not force me to do what is right but gave me plenty of good reasons to want to. They have been very effective at preventing the apathy that typically settles in after several generations of Christianity.

I hope that I can be as successful with my children.

My culture is my own

I am both a protestant and a religious conservative not just because my parents were, but also because I have done a great deal of research and thinking on my own and feel that this is the best perspective. I am, in contrast to my parents, an economic liberal.

By calling my self a liberal I mean that I believe that traditional economic policy needs to be changed in order to give greater opportunity to those who are born to poor parents. I am not blindly conservative thinking that everything that is traditional is worth preserving.By: Bethany Silva Create your own culture project the upper class is the “Potatoes”- are so different from everybody, they have their own style in clothes, hair, shoes lower class is the “Streams” who in this society would be considered “normal”, they follow everybody and always try to.

How do you define culture?

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It seems like it would be easy for us to explain the cultural differences talked about in the video above, but what about the cultural differences we see in our own country everyday, that we may not even recognize as cultural differences? My Culture Is My Own This I Believe Throughout my life, I have encountered many relentless conflicts with both direct and indirect family members.

Many of these arguments were linked to my association with my culture and its timeless traditions. I am an Arab, yet I am a stranger to the Middle East. I am an Arab, yet I can barely speak the language. Feb 17,  · My friend has tried to explain to me several times how important it is to him to preserve his culture, in his own life and especially in the lives of his children.

So this how i was living my life, I was hanging out in AA with my thinking and taking comfort in the next meeting or phone call that pacified my disillusionment. What a frail existence indeed eh, fraught with the realities and complexities of life and continual juggling of ones own rationality or indeed lack of it.

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