Newcomb model communication

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Newcomb model communication

We may try to understand with this example: And both participants and instructor mutually satisfied and agree to the new policy then the whole communication process maintain its equilibrium status between them. So basically the instructor A convince their participants B as possible they can, otherwise adjustment into the policy x and then policy convince them toward it.

So at last the conclusion is that ABX model of communication is the learned responsehere communication between the two people that agree to the same issue will be easy and thus in many cases communication may seems not to be available or existing but in cases where the both parties having different views about the issue, every party need to convincing the other party that one party is talking about is the best idea and thus communication will be effective and will take place for quite long period of time.

Government introduce a new policy to increase the working timing of its employee from 8 hours to 10 hours Using Newcomb model of communication chose the correct option a.Westley and MacLean’s Model of Communication was suggested by Bruce Westley () and Malcolm S. MacLean Jr.

() in This model was an adaptation from Newcomb’s model of communication, which talked about co-orientation for simultaneous orientation in a . The interaction communication model is a model representing how communication works when one person speaks and then the other person speaks.

There is no feedback in between sp eaking.

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For. Means and Control dimension - In the next stage of this communication model where M becomes the source of the message which describe completely about E by their own way. Here M produces a statements about the event become SE2 {S- signal or from, E2 – Content created by M} The Newcomb’s ABX Model -: A Purposive theory to decode the role.

Newcomb model communication

Early communication models and mass communication research 6 Elaboration of the basic mathematical model 7 Gerbner's general model of communication 23 Newcomb's ABX model, other'balance'models and co-orientation 27 The Newcomb ABX model Newcomb's model is based on a psychological view of communication.

According to Newcomb, communication was a way in which people oriented themselves with each other and their environment. Different Communication Models as Proposed by many Philosophers and Management Theorists! For designing and implementing promotional campaigns, we need to understand the communication process.

The word communication comes from the Latin word communis, meaning common.

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