Santa claus essay

Visit Website Did you know? The Salvation Army has been sending Santa Claus-clad donation collectors into the streets since the s. Nicholas made his first inroads into American popular culture towards the end of the 18th century. In Decemberand again ina New York newspaper reported that groups of Dutch families had gathered to honor the anniversary of his death.

Santa claus essay

Santa, as taught to most children, has most of the attributes of God: He is virtually omnipresent. He can visit hundreds of millions of homes in one night. He monitors each child; he is all-seeing and all-knowing; he knows when they are bad and good.

Although not omnipotent, he does have great powers. He can manufacture gifts for hundreds of millions of children, and deliver them in one night -- each to the correct child.

He is all-good and all-just. He judges which children have shown good behavior and rewards them appropriately. Bad children are bypassed or receive a lump of coal.

He rewards good and punishes bad behavior. In practice, children are not rewarded with gifts according to their behavior; they receive presents according to the amount of money that their parents are willing or able to spend on them at Christmas time.

Unfortunately, the child has probably adsorbed from the media and their friends only bad children get nothing from Santa. This may well damage their self esteem. Most children in Muslim, Jewish, Jehovah's Witnesses or some other faith traditions do not receive gifts from Santa.

But when they go to school, they see that their Christian contemporaries have been given presents. They might feel that they are less worthy than their friends, or that their religion is inferior to Christianity. Cartoon courtesy of AtheistCartoons.

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Visit their website for other cartoons that you may or may not find hilarious What should children be taught about Santa Claus? A "Santa Truth Poll" on familyeducation. Santa Claus is an important part of childhood: He suggests that when the children develop doubts about the reality of Santa, that the parents refrain from admitting the truth.

John Eich suggests that teaching a child about Santa can backfire. The parent is lending his personal authority as a parent to the myth, giving it the ring of truth.

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In particular, the child might believe that that another man is also a fake: Jesus Christ who also is said to have miraculous powers, knows when everyone is sleeping and awake, knows when each person is bad or good, and who brings the gift of salvation.

Moral, ethical, behavioral and other parental teachings may be similarly suspect.It’s easy to say I believe in Santa Claus, because all of us know that it’s a symbol for something larger. People over a certain age know that the jolly old elf with red suit, white beard, and bag full of toys does not really live at the North Pole and deliver gifts to children on Christmas Eve in a .

Relevance Essay. As the season of giving approaches it is important to know about who Santa Claus actually was. In case you have been living under a rock, Santa Claus is not real.

Santa claus essay

However, Saint Nicholas (or Bishop Nicholas) was a real person. Santa Claus is based on Saint Nicholas.


Saint Nicholas was a wealthy and giving man. But decorating the Christmas tree and falling asleep underneath the warm glow of the lights, in awe that Santa Claus would soon be there, was the best part of it all.

As a child, these things enchanted me.

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But an essay recently published in the medical journal Lancet Psychiatry questions what we should be telling our kids about Santa Claus. Essay published in medical journal suggest we need to be.

Essay Instructions: The myth of Santa Clause in 3 different cultures. The 3 different versions of the myth of Santa they the same? Are they different? Are they considered truth or tale?

How the stories changed based on cultural differences, beliefs, or time periods. Related Essays: Contemporary Myth View Paper . Myth of Santa Claus One of the greatest myths of Christian American is the myth of Old Saint Nick. Santa Claus is a .

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