The different methods of birth control used in america in the early 1900s

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The different methods of birth control used in america in the early 1900s

Turn-of-the-century birth control for men included several options.

The different methods of birth control used in america in the early 1900s

Most popular was coitus interruptus withdrawal before ejaculationwhich was not very effective, since sperm could be transferred in pre-ejaculatory fluids. Condom use also became widespread as the material condoms were constructed of evolved from fine animal membrane sacs to vulcanized rubber.

Turn of The Century Birth Control

Condom use was not publicly advocated, however, because condomes were associated with "sexual promiscuity and the love of pleasure; vices" Knight 7.

Birth control further extended to the sterilization of men—an operation involving "permanently splitting and sometimes removing parts of the male urethra" Knight 7. Also in use was the technique of infibulation: This was used more for "curing" masturbation that preventing pregnancy. Likewise, castration was used, but more often as a punishment for criminal offenders than as a birth control method.

Since not much scientific research had focused on the female body, the main female-oreinted prevention method was abstinence during "unsafe" times of the month. Prior to that, doctors could only recommend avoiding intercourse immediately following a menstrual cycle. Based on what we know now about he female menstrual cycle, we can assume that was an unreliable method.

Early sponges had been invented by eighteenth century prostitutes and were dipped in various solutions, including vinegar, lemon, and astringents.

Such solutions had often been simply inserted vaginally before that time as a primitive attempt to kill sperm, but beginning in the late s, solutions could be attached to an object spongewhich was though to increase their success.

Sponges made their way into working class circles bybut we know now the danger s associated with their sue that nineteenth century women would not have been aware of, and thus some deaths at that time could probably be attributed to the sponge.

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The nineteenth century also brought a rubber version of the cervical cap, which replaced the insertion of every day objects into the vagina to block sperm, such as half lemons, which had been used previously. Copyright c ; all rights reserved.The history of birth control, also known as contraception and fertility control, refers to the methods or devices that have been historically used to prevent pregnancy.

Planning and provision of birth control is called family planning. In some times and cultures, abortion had none of the stigma which it has today, making birth control less important; abortion .

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The different methods of birth control used in america in the early 1900s

Achievements in Public Health, Family Planning. During the 20th century, the hallmark of family planning in the United States has been the ability to achieve desired birth spacing and family size ().Fertility decreased as couples chose to have fewer children; concurrently, child mortality declined, people moved from farms to cities, and the age at marriage increased (1).

Contraception: past, present and future factsheet. early s Female condoms which continues to denounce all artificial birth control methods. s and s Improved understanding of ovulation and temperature changes led to development and use of the temperature method.

For instance, Soranus, a Greek gynecologist practicing during the 2nd century A.D., told women to drink the water that blacksmiths used to cool metal as a birth control method. In B.C., Chinese birth control experts advised women to swallow sixteen tadpoles fried in quicksilver (mercury) immediately after sex.

Dittrick Medical History Center. Navigation + Search Search. About the Museum Plan Your Visit Contraception in America Rhythm Method; Douching and Spermicides; Cervical Caps and Diaphragms Advertisements used the vague term “Feminine Hygiene” to include everything from hygienic cleansing to birth control.


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