The people

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The people

The table seats four persons. You ought not to generalize, but to consider the person you are dealing with. He had no money on his The people. In English there are three persons in the pronouns, the first represented by I and we, the second by you, and the third by he, she, it, and they. Most verbs have distinct third person singular forms in the present tense, as writes; the verb be has, in addition, a first person singular form am.

Applicants are requested to apply in person. Person, individual, personage are terms applied to human beings.

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Person is the most general and common word: Individual views a person as standing The people or as a single member of a group: Personage is used sometimes ironically of an outstanding or illustrious person: We have a distinguished personage visiting us today.

Grammar note There is understandable confusion about the plural of this word. Is it persons or people? Person —like other regular English nouns—constructs its grammatical plural by adding -s, forming persons.

This has been so since person came into Middle English in the late twelfth century. But as far back as the fourteenth century, some writers, including the poet Chaucer, were using an entirely different word— people, not persons —as the functional plural of person.

And today, people seems more natural, especially in casual, informal conversation or writing. Using people as a plural of person has not always been free of controversy. From the mid nineteenth to the late twentieth century, the use of people instead of persons was hotly contested; and among some news publications, book publishers, and writers of usage books, it was expressly forbidden.

To quell the fires of the argument, some usage authorities attempted to regulate use of the two forms—recommending persons when counting a small, specific number of individuals Three persons were injured in the accident and people when referring to a large, round, or uncountable number More than two thousand people bought tickets on the first day; People crowded around the exhibit, blocking it from view.

But efforts to impose such precise rules in language usually fail. People is the plural form that most people are most comfortable with most of the time.

Persons seems excessively formal and stilted in ordinary conversation or casual writing. In addition, persons is often used when we pluralize person in a set phrase missing persons; persons of interest.

Otherwise, the modern consensus is that people is the preferred plural.

The people

Persons is not wrong, but it is increasingly rare.Jan 22,  · A young woman is assigned to teach school in a secluded valley whose inhabitants appear stern, secretive and anti-pleasure.

Following two children who disappear to play in the woods, she /10(). People is usually followed by a plural verb and referred to by a plural pronoun: People are always looking for a bargain.

The people have made their choice. The possessive is formed regularly, with the apostrophe before the -s: people's desire for a bargain; the people's choice.

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