Understanding history

Share History of Heart Attack: Diagnosis and Understanding Is heart attack a modern plague or does it come down from antiquity? Who first described the clinical picture and who first tied it to disease of the coronary arteries? When and by whom was the connection established between atherosclerosis or fatty arteries, and thrombosis and the syndromes of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction?

Understanding history

Alan McPherson sheds much-needed light on the controversial and pressing problem of anti-U. Deftly combining cultural and political analysis, he demonstrates the shifting and complex nature of anti-Americanism in each country and the love-hate ambivalence of most Latin Americans toward the United States.

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When rising panic over "Yankee hating" led Washington to try to contain foreign hostility, the government displayed a surprisingly coherent and consistent response, maintaining an ideological self-confidence that has outlasted a Latin American diplomacy torn between resentment and admiration of the United States.

However, McPherson warns, U. Written with dramatic flair, Yankee No! Introduction Anti-Americanism as Historical Problem 1. Cuba, Revolutionary Anti-Americanism and U. Panama, Conservative Anti-Americanism and U.

McPherson examines the years from towhen anti-Americanism was a prominent theme in inter-American diplomacy, to deliver a helpful reminder that anti-Americanism is not a new phenomenon nor a product only of the Middle East--and that it has been confronted quite effectively in the past, at least when its sources were sought out and taken seriously.

He provides several vivid case studies, starting with the attacks on Vice President Richard Nixon in Caracas and continuing on to Cuba, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

Understanding history

Together, these examples show the variability and ambivalence of anti-Americanism; they also emphasize the importance of U. This well-written and balanced book should be required reading in the White House, in Langley, and around Foggy Bottom.

In his sophistication and in his writing he demonstrates all the attributes of a seasoned historian. In his analysis of U. I unequivocally recommend it.


Why do they hate us? McPherson impressively demonstrates that it has profound historical roots that can inform caring policymakers eager to prevent global violence.

Paterson, author of Contesting Castro McPherson opens a revealing window on the heretofore elusive phenomenon of anti-Americanism.

In so doing he takes his place in the front ranks of younger scholars writing about U.Your Browser not compatible with some features of our website.

Understanding History ( books)

So we recommand you to update your browser version or switch to another browser. History Helps Us Understand People and Societies. In the first place, history offers a storehouse of information about how people and societies behave.

Understanding the operations of people and societies is difficult, though a number of disciplines make the attempt. An exclusive reliance on current data would needlessly handicap our efforts. These are some of the ideas explored in Understanding World History, a series that surveys the political, social, and cultural trends of major periods and events in world history.

Primary and secondary source quotes bring historical events to life. Develop an understanding of major themes in U.S.

Information included on the Record Check History and its representation What are the intellectual tasks that define the historian's work? In a sense, this question is best answered on the basis of a careful reading of some good historians.
Twin Cities Campus: Home History Would you believe that giant snakes, turtles, catfish, or spiders live underneath the ground, and it is their movements that create earthquakes? Maybe you wouldn't, but your ancestors did.

history, including American identity, economic and social life, political change and continuity, and the U.S. role in the world Sample Activity Create your own “colonial newspaper” with news articles on a variety of colonies as well as editorials, letters to .

Enduring Understanding: Understanding your family history and background helps you better understand your heritage, customs, and family values. It also helps you understand the role of your culture’s roots in shaping American culture. Oct 27,  · The minstrel music of Stephen Foster, T. Brigham Bishop and others, and its attendant legacy of blackface, absolutely have a place in the history of .

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