Writing a winning nonfiction book proposal pdf

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Writing a winning nonfiction book proposal pdf

When you publish your book in other languages you will not only be able to reach more people with your message, but you will also diversify your income.

There is less competition in many of these other languages which gives you the opportunity to potentially sell more books. I think they meant well, but when it was on a volunteer basis, it just never got done.

But nothing ever came of that opportunity either. I thought that publishing my books into other languages was not possible and had given up on the idea. My virtual ears perked up at the last option. Writing a winning nonfiction book proposal pdf can hear her explain it in the video she posted on her blog that I embedded below or in the screenshot.

However, she found it much cheaper to use Elance to hire a translator.

Susan Armstrong

I had never used Elance before and was a little nervous about the process. I priced my job similar to hers and posted the job online at Elance. Within hours, I had over 20 proposals of contractors willing to translate my book at a very low cost. I then researched those who put in a proposal and looked for the following: They followed my directions in the job posting.

They had a history of previous jobs on Elance. They had a high rating from previous jobs on Elance. There was one person in particular that stood out to me. By signing the NDA, she would legally agree that she would only use my book contents for translation purposes only and that my publishing company, Body and Soul Publishing, would remain the sole owner of the content.

The NDA was something Rachel recommended, but was not provided in her training so I came up with one on my own. My translator agreed and we started the process. Her bid was slightly higher than some of the other contractors, but she had a longer history of completed jobs on Elance and a higher rating than most of the others 4.

She suggests several ways to find someone that can proofread the translated book. This is an important step so that you can check the work of your contractor and make sure your content is being translated in the correct way. I chose one of her suggested options and hired someone to proofread the translated version of my book in Spanish.

I did not have a reason for choosing this price, but simply chose what I thought would be fair.

+ free ebooks online. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day? Go to: Distributed Proofreaders. Connect With Shelley Online: Facebook | Twitter Shelley Hitz is an award-winning author and the owner of srmvision.com and Author Audience Academy. She is passionate about helping authors succeed in publishing and marketing their books. wednesday, look at the technical writing to have an expanded form of this michael hyatt book proposal, and also a correctly formatted form of the example user manual page.

Thankfully, my proofreader confirmed that it was a good translation and only had a few recommended changes. I was now ready to format my book and publish it!


Format and Publish I then formatted my book for Kindle and Createspace. Once my book was published on Kindle, I posted a new project on ACX to have the Spanish version published as an audiobook as well. I then had the book cover changed to include the Spanish title. I decided to keep everything else the same as it saved me any extra costs as I could edit the text on my cover and easily.

Here is the finished product: Several people have asked me about the translator I used. Here is her information: Lessons Learned There were a few lessons I learned in the process: Have everything you need translated Book Description Opt-In Page E-mails in Your Autoresponder I had to go back and ask my translator to translate my book description and bio for me later.

She was gracious to do it even though I had already paid her and the job was over. I also learned that Google translate can help if you are in a bind.

writing a winning nonfiction book proposal pdf

I would NOT use it to translate your book, but I did use it a few times to translate text I used in my e-mail autoresponder. I did take Spanish in high school and in college, so I felt comfortable enough to know if the translation was accurate.

However, next time I will have everything I need ready in advance to have translated. Also, within KDP, there is a specific category for each language that you can choose. I went back and changed my categories so that it would be listed in the Spanish books. This would allow my target audience to find it easier.Agents work hard - and most query letters are read towards the end of the work day.

So be gracious. Even though you are shopping around for an agent, don’t suggest that in your communications with them. I recently bought ‘Writing a winning fiction book proposal: An insider's secrets to landing an agent and a book contract” by Michael Hyatt and wanted to share some key points from the ebook.

There is a non-fiction equivalent as well if you'd rather check that out.

writing a winning nonfiction book proposal pdf

Explore the entire process of writing creative nonfiction, from brainstorming for the perfect idea to getting your final product noticed by literary agents and publishers.

This course will prove that creative nonfiction can be mastered. Accuracy, honesty, and truth in narrative nonfiction Who do we trust? • Can narrative journalism overcome the political divide? (Danny Funt, Chava Gourarie, and Jack Murtha, series In Brands We Trust?, Columbia Journalism Review, ) Traditional magazines no longer have a monopoly over longform journalism.

+ free ebooks online. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day? Go to: Distributed Proofreaders. This is an introductory guide to how to self-publish (both print and ebook), and how to choose the right services or approach based on your needs and budget.

For most of publishing’s history, if an author wanted to self-publish, they had to invest thousands of dollars with a so-called “vanity.

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